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When I was younger, I used to flip through Seventeen Magazine, searching for outfit inspiration; but it wasn’t until I got older, and started spending my own money on clothes, that I really started to figure out what I liked and didn’t like.

I still think I haven’t quite figured out my personal style, because I really like a little bit of everything, but I’m definitely much closer. These days, though, I don’t really spend time flipping through magazines. I follow bloggers instead.

Christine Andrew of Hello Fashion

I started following Christine Andrew recently but didn’t really go into full “stalk-mode” on her until sometime in April, when I went through this whole I-need-to-redo-my-entire-wardrobe phase. This mostly happened because I’ve been obsessing over Julia Engel’s style, which I’ll go into more in a little bit.

While I do like to dress up on occasion, I’ve learned that I’m more about comfort. I prefer flats over heels when I go out on the weekends.

Our outings typically consist of a lot of walking. I’ve gotten blisters before (okay, more than once before), and I’m just not that into it. I love shoes but don’t want to hate the ones I’m wearing because they hurt me. It wasn’t until I stumbled upon Hello Fashion’s Christine Andrew that I realized sneakers can be chic.

Now, this could be because she’s tall and thin, but when she puts a pair of joggers and sneakers on, I want to wear joggers and sneakers. She makes casual look cool and, after stalking her page, I realized that I have most definitely pinned a ton of her looks to my Wear board.

Annnnd I’ve not come to the conclusion that SHE is my fashion icon. Her Instagram is so realistic; she isn’t dressed to the nines every day like some of the other bloggers I love. And while I wish I could dress up all the time, like Blair Eadie of Atlantic Pacific, I can’t; and, frankly, I don’t want to.

Christine is the perfect mix of dressed up and dressed down, just like me.

Julia Engel of Gal Meets Glam

While I’ve finally learned that I can’t dress like Julia every day, even though I want to, I still look to her for inspiration. Her classic and feminine style is a part of who I am; and now that she’s posting her daily outfits, I found out that she’s got a casual side too.

Now, even though I’ve decided that Christine Andrew is my fashion icon, based on the fact that I love her cute and casual style, I still prefer the feminine twist that Julia Engel brings to the table. If I’m not wearing black or other neutral shades, I like blush and light blue. Julia does a great job of mixing colors and showing me how to wear long skirts with flats.

Julia Engel inspires me to wear dresses more often and Gal Meets Glam was my first major fashion blog crush.

I will continue following Julia along on her fabulous travel adventures, using her itineraries and pictures to convince Adam that we should go there too.

Aggie Lal of Travel in her Shoes

It wasn’t until I started to follow travel bloggers that I found Aggie of Travel in her Shoes. Although I originally began to follow her for travel inspiration, I also fell in love with her sense of style.

Aggie showed me that travel style can be comfortable and fashionable.

Pairing sneaks with dresses or espadrilles, chic tops with denim cutoffs, and taking pictures with your shoes off are just a few tips I’ve taken from her incredible feed.


Lauren Conrad

I’ve loved LC since Laguna Beach first aired and I followed her on her fashion journey through The Hills. Although Lauren has her own fashion lines, I haven’t purchased anything. Instead, I frequently follow her pins on Pinterest, waiting for her monthly style tips.

Each month, Lauren’s team searches through the clutter of personal style bloggers out there to find some wonderful style tips that the readers can steal, use, or follow; some of these tips focus on color, pattern, or other style trends.

I love these posts because I get to see ten different looks on ten different bloggers that I might not have seen before. It gives me a new perspective on something I haven’t seen sometimes and it’s nice to see something different. The writers at Lauren Conrad do a great job of incorporating a little bit of everything.

For those fashion lovers out there, what or who do you look towards for inspiration? Who are your fashion icons?

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